KRAL Constitution
We rely on subscriptions and donations.
Who Can Join?
The Liverpool Branch has been reformed to recognise the fact that there are 2 regular and 1 Army Reserve battalions in the Regiment formed in 2007 from the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment the King’s Regiment and Queens Lancashire Regiment. 
The membership of the Branch is open to anyone who served in any battalion of The King’s Regiment, widows, widowers, and partners of deceased veterans. Associate membership is available to veterans who have listed affiliations with the Regiment.
What Do We Do?
The Branch exists to support the Association in:
  • Fostering the esprit de corps among serving and former members and keep them in touch with each other.
  • Preserving the traditions of the Regiment.
  • Encouraging recruitment.
  • Assisting serving and former members of the Regiment to find work.
The Branch provides a means of help and support to its members particularly those who find themselves in need and have nowhere else to turn.
The Branch runs a programme of events throughout the year both commemorative and social. New ideas for such events are always welcome. The Branch is run by a committee elected by the membership. New Members are always welcome.
KRAL Officers Mess
At our recent meeting the committee all agreed that the newsletter should not be uploaded to the web site and should be restricted to subscribed members only via email. We are hoping that we will be contacted by those who previously received the electronic edition by email or by viewing online and have left the association, and who might reconsider and re-join.  We are also hopeful that those who viewed the Newsletter on the web site, may contact us and might be persuaded to join.
It is only a with the support of subscribed members paying for the Newsletter and kindly making donations, that the association is able to survive.
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Armed Forces Day Liverpool

A HUGE Thank You to all who have kindly donated via Paypal.
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