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Pictured L-R Mr Stan Castell BEM, Maj Keith Hastie TD, Maj Peter Oakley MBE,
Maj Ray Taylor and Clare Cunliffe  
Some of you may be familiar with the story of the regimental plaque made in Hong Kong which carries the names of seven of our Kingsmen killed in Northern Ireland in 1972. Graham Walker found the plaque in the store room at Ardwick Barracks along with several MFO boxes of stuff and furniture that was going to be 'skipped'. Graham was given permission to look at the contents in the store room. After looking around he informed the staff he would try and relocate or look after some of the items. He made up an MFO box of what he thought should be saved. 
Graham went away to arrange transport and returned to Ardwick Barracks a few days later. On inspecting the MFO box he noticed several items that he had stored were missing. He was told that an 'auctioneer' had been brought in from Birmingham and had removed some of the items that he had placed in the MFO box. Graham managed to save the memorial plaque and other items. 
Graham also attended Belle Vue Barracks and found further memorabilia. There were several plaques where 'bayonets' had been removed and were missing, before being left in boxes. He managed to save some of those items as well. Graham later arranged for the plaque to be passed to Major Peter Oakley MBE for safe keeping. On behalf of the regiment, Major Peter Oakley MBE approached Clare Cunliffe, Curator of Urban and Military History at the National Museums Liverpool, and asked if they would take and care for it – they readily agreed to do so.
Major Peter Oakley MBE delivered the plaque to Clare on Thursday 29th July 2021. It will have to go into quarantine and consequently will not be displayed immediately.
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